About Byler's Relish House

Our Mission

Our vision at Byler's Relish House is to offer tested and perfected low-sodium relishes and pickled products, while still maintaining a vibrant flavor, processed with fresh vegetables. Our selection of jams are processed in small batches to retain a vivid taste. We believe it is important to give back to the community with financial aid in charities, scholarships, and missions.

Our Story

Byler's Relish House on Leimbach Road near Saegertown, PennsylvaniaIn 2001 the Byler family began producing homemade relish, jam, and much more. We take great pride in our open kettle processing using well-guarded old family recipes as well as originals created right here in our kitchen especially for you, our customer. With vegetables and fruits fresh off the vine, tree, or bush, we create relish, jam, jelly, fruit butters, pickles, pickled vegetables, and salsa. We promise to treat your family to superior-tasting, high-quality products at a great low price. We are registered with the PA Department of Agriculture and FDA-inspected.

We have mastered the art of canning. Our open kettle procedure, done in small batches to conserve flavor, is just like you would can in your own home. Small batches mean consistency and quality you can taste. Assembly line processes of a large factory make a product that may merely be good. Merely good is not good enough for us. We ensure a product that is full of goodness and flavor just like your grandmother may have made.

Processed in clear 16 oz. glass jars, our homemade relishes, jams and much more are a treat to the eye. There's quality you can see, even before opening to taste each delicious product. Our environmentally-friendly jars can be recycled or re-used in your home. Treat your family and friends to our superior products, and bring a bit of our kitchen into your home.

Thank you for your interest in our products. We know you are in for a delicious treat.

To purchase homemade relish, jam, pickles, and much more from www.bylersrelishhouse.com, click on any of the categories on the left. We offer both individual jars and/or mix-or-match cases. Our secure checkout will safeguard your sensitive information.

We offer our products in many quality retail locations across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the eastern United States. Looking for a location near you? Check our list of retailers that carry our products.