Shredded Peppers

We’ve created a relish just for you die-hard pepper lovers! Soaked in a vinegar brine and packed in oil, an assortment of colorful sweet peppers mingles with spices for an unforgettable taste sensation. This one is mild-mannered, with true pepper flavor and no heat. It’s good enough to enjoy like salsa, on chips or crackers. Also delicious in a bun on top of smoked sausage or bratwurst, along with your favorite condiments.

Our shredded peppers are harvested, chopped, and prepared in small batches to preserve the fresh-from-the-garden flavor.

We ship this product in clear 16 oz. glass jars, securely packed to ensure safe delivery.

Ingredients: sweet banana peppers, canola oil, bell peppers, water, distilled vinegar, salt, spices, sugar, calcium chloride, phresh 10.

SKU: 118
Weight: 16 oz
Price: $6.75