Travis' Hot Banana Pepper Relish

Banana pepper lovers, this relish is for you! With a softer texture and sharper taste, the classic pickled flavor of banana peppers really shines through in this hot, spiced relish. Use it on grilled meats like sausages, burgers, and chicken breast; or add it to pasta salads and devilled eggs for a unique twist. Travis' Hot Banana Pepper Relish is a spicy and tangy addition to any sandwich or entree. It's a special mixture of hot banana peppers, jalapenos, and savory herbs.

We ship this product in clear 16 oz. glass jars, securely packed to ensure safe delivery.

Ingredients: hot banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, vinegar, water, sugar, spices, calcium chloride (to preserve crunch), modified food starch.

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Weight: 16 oz
Price: $5.99