Jams and Jellies

Choose from our selection of old favorite homemade jelly, jam and fruit butters. You will find elderberry jelly, strawberry conserve, strawberry rhubarb conserve, blackberry conserve, black raspberry conserve, and peach conserve. Add in something unusual like apple cinnamon conserve or razzleberry conserve, a mix of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and red raspberries, and you'll have a taste for every desire. Don't forget to try our apple butter; it's twice cooked in copper kettles. Pumpkin butter gives you pumpkin pie taste without the baking.

Our good jams and jellies are made in small quantities by open kettle processing to conserve flavor. You'll think you're eating fresh picked berries right from the country fields. You can't beat the homemade taste and low prices.

Plan a tasting party. Order a mixed case of products, invite your family and friends, set out the coffee, tea, crackers, bagels, muffins... The choices are endless. We'll bring a bit of our kitchen into your home. Our jams and jellies make great gifts, too!

Check out our category for no sugar added conserves.

All of our products are sold in 16 oz recyclable, reusable, glass jars.

A note about conserves

We label many of our fruit products as conserves, meaning a sweet food made by preserving fruit with sugar or another sweetener; basically, a synonym for jam. The term jam is regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and must comply with strict guidelines for pH balance (level of acidity) and Brix (level of sugar content). We consistently produce delicious-tasting fruit spreads that we label conserves to comply with these restrictions on the use of jam.

Apple Cinnamon Conserve

A deliciously different apple conserve with a delicate hint of cinnamon.

apple cinnamon conserve on a pancake
apple cinnamon conserve in a dish
apple cinnamon conserve in a jar
apple cinnamon jam nutrition label
Price: $4.89

Amish Peanut Butter Spread

Ideal for the peanut lover, our peanut butter spread combines marshmallow cream with smooth peanut butter. Great as a fruit dip, or on crackers. Use in milk shakes or eat with a jelly sandwich or with a ham and cheese sandwich. It's also great on hot dogs or ice cream. Delicious!

We ship this product in clear 16 oz. glass jars, securely packed to ensure safe delivery.

amish peanut butter spread with apples
amish peanut butter spread with apple plate
amish peanut butter spread in a jar
amish peanut butter spread label
Price: $5.25